September 16, 2019

PRESTIGE celebrates its 30-years-anniversary!

PRESTIGE creates exceptional yachts, designed to make the sea feel like home.

At once a leader with the FLYBRIDGE line and a pioneer with the S-LINE, PRESTIGE offers a product range with clever, contemporary designs to meet international market demands.

PRESTIGE is a success story that spans 30 years of design, development, and passion.

PRESTIGE will celebrate its 30 years by launching a new, innovative line, reflecting its capacity to initiate new trends and to create what will be the timeless design tomorrow.

The team is launching a new range dedicated to luxury and the art of living well: the X-Line. The new X-Line will join the successful Flybridge and S-line. PRESTIGE continues to choose innovation and development to deliver enhanced comfort and well-being at sea. The X-Line meets this challenge by reinventing life on board and pushing the limits in cruising. She is turned toward a limitless horizon. The adventure continues!

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