Annual Winter & Maintenance Works

A yacht under our care is well cared for and therefore a happy yacht. A happy yacht makes for a happy customer. So far every customer that has opted to use FL Yachting services is a repeat customer, so the results speak for them selves.

It has proved that a boat left under our care, has less problems than a boat which is not. This gives our customers the comfort of always finding the boat ready for use, giving them more time to enjoy their yacht safe in the knowledge that it is maintaining a better resale value and ensuring a quicker sale making it easier to move on or upgrade when the time comes.

  • After-sale servicing
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Spare Parts procurement and installation
  • Cleaning and Washing
  • Berthing Arrangements
  • Refueling
  • Guardinage
  • Yacht Management
  • Shipping & Delivery of Yachts
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • Registration
  • Survey & Certificate Management
  • Haulage and Winterization
  • Polishing and Antifouling